The Amazing Social Media Marketing Strategy


What is Social Media?

Creativity is a God gifted talent to human beings. Being creative is one of the most beautiful feelings among all. Social media is a platform given by modern computer mediated technologies on which common people can share their creativities, information, career opportunities, expressions of grief or happiness and every idea in their mind. Social media can be defined as a set of applications which are used for the interaction of people and these applications are Web 2.0 Internet-based. Common people use these applications and generate data or content which is later on uploaded in the way of comment, texts, stories, photos or videos. This content is the backbone of social media in fact. Specific sites, pages and profiles are made by users on corresponding apps that are generated and maintained by the administrators and organizers of the social media. These profiles or identities then used to facilitate people and to connect them with their corresponding person wherever in the world. 

Social media and Society

These apps which are the essence of social media can be run on laptops, desktops, tablets or mobile phones; on which they can also be downloaded to facilitate people of every age and every part of the world. The apps then give a platform to people to make organizations where they can work mutually or co-create something new; people can discuss their daily issues; they can put a dialogue of common interest; they can post their own content i.e. memes, news etc. online.

Social media has totally changed the way of interactions of people, now people like to use social media for a big part of their day. Social media is way different from old-style and traditional paper-based media, Radio and TV in communication, information, immediacy, presentation, influence, liability and creativity. It is a magnificent and unique way through which communities, organizations and individuals can interact. In traditional ways of broadcasting, there was only one resource of information through which information can go to masses; this type of transmission is usually called a mono-logic transmission model. But in modern social media, there are thousands and millions of sources of information and millions of receivers; this type of transmission usually termed a dialogue transmission system. There are some famous sites which have more than 100 million registered users listed as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat, Snapchat, Viber, Reddit, Discord, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, QQ, Weibo, Qzone etc. 

Top Social Media Platforms

  • Blogs: A platform for casual ideas and discussions on a specific topic.
  • Facebook: The world largest social network and most famous platform for quick contact. Users create a personal account and add other users as friends or family members, and make better communication, sharing pictures and much more.
  • Twitter: Twitter is a most used social networking platform that allows groups and individuals to stay connected through the exchange of short messages with limit of 140 character.
  • YouTube & Dailymotion: Entertainment / Movies Videos and Search Engine.
  • Flickr: An image and video hosting website and online community
  • Instagram: A free photo and video sharing app that lets users apply digital filters, frames and special effects to their photos and then share them across multiple social networking sites.
  • Snapchat: A mobile app that lets users send photos and videos to friends. They disappear after viewing the snap or after 24 hours.
  • LinkedIn: A place where groups of professionals can exchange information and participate in discussions.

Positive Impacts of Social media

Social Media Negative & Positive Impact

There is a bundle of positive impacts of social media which are reported but along with positive impact some observers gave negative remarks regarding social media. Social media can help to improve self-confidence, social sense and knowledge also through interaction with online communities.  This can also be a platform to advertise the products of various brands and corporations. It has improved customer’s belief in the brands through online business. It is a hub of educational data and people which are in access being mentors, teachers and professors. Students now can learn a lot of skills being at their home. They can also use social media to inform the people regarding the current situation and past, to give basic knowledge to the masses. It is the main stream where people can get awareness. 

Negative Impacts of Social media

On the other hand, social media have also increased dissatisfaction of body shape, anxiety, stress and poor sleep quality among people. Individuals spend their most of time on social media rendering their own work as it was; their physical activity has also reduced. Social media is an addiction nowadays. Students also get affected in this case, as they waste a lot of their time on useless things on social media which affects their study consequently they get lower grades in exams. Their health also got affected by social media. Youth is also affected by it, mentally, physically and emotionally.  Every person is worried to portray his perfect life on social media which results in their mental stress, depression and anxiety. 


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