Why your blunt and outspoken friends are true friends?

Blunt and Outspoken Friends

Communication is a dynamic interactive process that involves the effective transmission of facts, thoughts, ideas, values and feelings. If you have blunt and outspoken friends value them because they have true feelings for you.

Communication is very important for all living things. Humans and even animals use their own language to communicate with one another because no one can survive without communicating. Communication skills are a part of the spoken and written language. Good verbal and communication skills are necessary to send and receive information quickly. The literal meaning of communication is giving or sharing information.

The most outspoken best friends

Good communication skills are very beneficial for professionals. A poorly transported communication passage can produce a sort of misunderstanding. Effective communication skills are very significant in all fields of life, be it in job or relations. Individuals in organizations usually spend a chief part of their time in communicating with people. Therefore, it is no wonder to know that the origin of a great number of administrative complications is poor communications. This is most clear in cross-cultural circumstances where the language is a matter.

Effective Communication is Important?

Effective communication is an important constituent of organizational achievement rather than blunt and outspoken. As research and regular swear whether it is at the personal and intergroup or administrative level. Also, in making and developing community relations, communication skills are of great significance. Good skills assist people to realize the feelings and emotions of each other and make effort together for a common goal. Often an individual wants to deliver by saying something else but communicate approximately totally unlike and different means through spoken intonation and his body language. These mixed and overlapped signals and gestures force the listener to pick between the spoken and nonverbal parts of the note. This may not aid to understand one’s message regards to that person because mostly the receiver picks the nonverbal part.

Wait, read on…

There are numerous states when you have to seek appropriate information from corresponding persons. These situations comprise interviewing applicants, cracking work difficulties, seeking to assist a worker on work routine. In a community, it is beneficial in judging a person’s capability to communicate with the public from diverse backgrounds.

Mixe and overlap messages produce tension, panic and distrust because the receiver or listener feels that the correspondent is hiding blunt and outspoken. Therefore, one must realize that communication skills are not only vital to make an impression on the other individual and have the mandatory work done. But also to not get an opposite or bad idea regarding themselves in the community.   

Communication skills can be achieve in different ways. Your voice, any image, graphs, maps, body language, eye contact, books, websites and emails etc are some communication skills.

Make awesome company

Listening is an important part of communication skills.

  • Being able to actively listen to what the other person is saying, knowing when to contact to allow the other person to talk is important.
  • It conveys respect and willingness to hear the other person’s point of view.
  • People need to speak appropriately with a wide variety of communication skills in our life.
  • This leads to a more positive environment.

Blunt and Outspoken

We should avoid miscommunication with friends at any cost otherwise we will suffer a lot as we may have to lose our best friend. We should not assume things while mutual understanding, the assumption is the biggest cause of miscommunication and misunderstanding. You should have given proper time to study for the corresponding person, let him explain to you on his behalf. Listen to the case properly and find the way out of the valley of miscommunication. 


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