7 Ways to become emotionally resilient

7 Ways to become emotionally resilient

Resilience isn’t a trait that you can say you have inherited or always had; it’s something you develop yourself after struggle and necessary measures. So what does it mean to be emotionally resilient? Life isn’t a smooth road you can race on; it has its ups, downs, and a handful of bumps. Some of us suffer, some learn, and some train their brain to cope with all that inevitable turmoil. Mental resilience is basically one’s ability to adapt to these stressful and difficult situations that we term as a crisis. The more resilient you are, the more you are able to ‘roll with the punches’. Saying times like these are overwhelming is an understatement.

Emotional resilience lets you adapt to the adversity without lasting difficulties. So if you don’t have this trait you are more likely to have a real hard time dealing with emotionally resilient both major and minor stressful life changes. Being able to calm your negative mind after going heads on with a negative experience is a quality everyone would dream for. The good thing is like we discussed earlier; it isn’t a gene, it’s a trait.

So if you don’t have it, it doesn’t mean you can’t. The question that’s left is how? Well let’s see now shall we?

Accept it even if you don’t like it

The number one thing change asks for is acceptance. Now, accepting doesn’t have to mean surrendering to the idea. All it means is that you’re evolving. You may not be on board with it, but accept that you’re no longer in denial about reality.

This is the first step on the road to healing, because before changing or even thinking of changing anything we have to see the circumstances for what they are.

Find your motive

Now emotional resilience comes with a big commitment; finding the silver lining in every situation.

So no matter what chaos you’re in, you should always be able to pinpoint and stick to your motive. Why? Well, it’s simple. Why would you want to ever indulge in anything that doesn’t spark your interest one way or the other?

Instead of beating yourself up thinking you don’t want to go to work, think about your long-term goals, or even just your pay-check.  You don’t want to do exercise, think about how much better you’ll feel after it and more importantly how good you’ll look after it.

Anything that gets your engine running!

Face your fears

There’s only one good old way to deal with fear, ‘you need to face it, head on!’

When we avoid the things or situations that frighten us, it only feeds our fear instead of keeping ourselves safe. But, when you face them you overcome them, and then it isn’t the fear controlling you, but you controlling the fear now.

It gives you control; that’s the number one tool you need in a situation that looks out of hand, control. Take it as a test that will make you stronger and give you something to learn for the future.

Learn to laugh at yourself

Criticism is something that can make or break you because everyone gives and takes it in their own way.

Humor on the other hand is one of the most incredible and purest tools that can be used to diffuse tense and stressful situations. If you manage to make a joke of the emotionally resilient situation or any turmoil you’re going through and have a good laugh at it, you’ll be able to cope with it much more easily and quickly.

A laugh always lightens up your face, the mood and the situation. So why alleviate the pressure when you can get rid of it just with a light chuckle?

Reform yourself

The moment you start becoming uncomfortable with life may be a direct indication that you aren’t happy with yourself. Now how can anyone else be happy with you if you aren’t?

Discomfort is a call to change!!!

Discomfort, as bad as it sounds, is actually a wakeup call that you deserve more, are capable of more, and destined to do so much more. If you envision emotional resilience, you need to learn to develop not mourn. When you see old ways of getting rusty, reinvent. Evolve. As everything in the world, YOU also should be in a constant state of growth.

Be optimistic

Looking on the bright side isn’t a very common thing you see in people.

However, optimism is what emotionally resilient people thrive on because they have to outlive the harshest conditions and still beeline to their goals despite everything.

You should be realistic about your abilities, no doubt, but never lose confidence in your own abilities.

See the world accurately, but believe you’re a rock-star!

Solve the problem

If something bothers you, why complain or let it? You are a being of great intellect, so why do you act to sustain all that brain power?

The things that bother us the most are usually pointing towards an issue in our lives that needs to be attended to and learn the best ways to develop your problem-solving ability from here.

Things have to change; you can’t simply allow life and things to happen. Your life is a reflection of you, so if not all, you do have the power to control most of the outcomes to your liking.

Stick to these and you can stand face to face with whatever lie throws at you!


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