Harvard University is offering FREE Online Courses

Harvard University Free Online Courses

In the crisis of Coronavirus, Harvard University is offering free online learning courses to help students learn their favorite subject from anywhere in the world.

Lockdown has banned and demolished every activity almost all around the world. This pandemic leads people to feel an unexpected, unprecedented and new experience during the lockdown. This is a very rough and unusual phase of life from which almost every person is going. It is tough for the common people to know how to deal with this new change in lifestyle. On the other hand, numbers of patients are increasing day by day which is an alarming situation.

Lockdown due to COVID-19

In these conditions, no one is sure and can say something about when and how the government will lift the ban on lockdown and let people free to walk and come to their normal life. But now in lockdown at their places, they should think about the utilization of their time for better causes. People all around the globe are looking much concerned in this regard and they are seeking for such a schedule which can guide them to their interests. This article is a try to lead them to manage their time and have a new skill of their own interest utilizing the time which is available in the time of Coronavirus.

In the time of lockdown, students from every part of the world have an opportunity to learn a new skill and there is good news for them as Harvard University is offering almost 64 online courses that are free of cost.

Biography of Harvard University

Harvard University was established long ago in 1636. The oldest foundation of higher education in the United States and one of the nation’s greatest significant institutions. It is a part of the earlier Ivy League schools. The main campus of the university in Massachusetts, some parts of downtown Boston and Cambridge. It is a dream university for the sake of education for thousands of students all around the world.

Advance Courses

Numerous courses on various advanced topics are present in this list. Many fields from computer gaming, programming, web development to biochemistry, medical to humanity topics of art are includes in the list. These courses are available for free to every student anywhere in the world. I know, no one wants to miss this opportunity to learn from Harvard University.

Those students who are serious about learning a new skill and want to utilize the quarantine days for better purposes will surely be glad for this opportunity. These courses are free for a limited time.

Other Opportunities   

Many other institutes offer a number of online courses, Harvard University is one of them. A serious person can take benefit in the time of quarantine. The world’s biggest provider of online courses is Massive Open Online Course “Coursera”. They are providing the common people 100 free courses in concern of COVID-19 epidemic effects. These courses are also for free and 85 courses of these 100 will provide you with a certificate for which you have to pay in normal days but now they are cost-free. In recent times, the interest of people has diverted towards online education strongly. All of us should take advantage and make our time useful and even precious.

Want to learn?

Click this link to signup now and take advantage of free Harvard online learning courses.


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