Gamers Earn More Money from Games on Facebook Live

Facebook Games

Importance of Facebook in our society

Facebook is a social-cultural and economic phenomenon for more than one million users. Many platforms offer to earn money through games. The importance of online media sites to social relationships, business, journalism and communication is admirable. All over the world users spend countless hours developing these sites and make it easy and accessible for others. Facebook offered a way to be aware of world events and information throughout the world. One can obtain information about family members and friends at home. Whether it’s bad or good is controversial, but the site’s impressions and information are unquestionable.

Facebook for business

Twitch first offered an idea of paying gamers. Later on, this idea YouTube and Facebook also adopted.  Facebook offered a new platform for users to earn extra-large money. A handsome amount is offer by Facebook to the streamers. On Facebook gamers can promote their games as it facilitates gamers with more subscribers rapidly for streaming live games.

Facebook Gaming Replay – Grand Theft Auto V, featuring Omareloff

🎵 Bad cop, bad cop, what'cha gonna do, what'cha gonna do when Omareloff comes for you… in Grand Theft Auto V Online? 🎵 #conspiracy #illuminatimaybe #fakedoor

Posted by Facebook Gaming on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Different revenue streams are offering by Facebook to live gamers through a partner program. Gamers are earning extra-large money by streaming games live on Facebook than YouTube and Twitch. Nowadays, Facebook has become a profession for gamers. 

On the third Friday, 150 artists are invites by Facebook to train them about a new theme. The company comprehends the significance of live streaming and gaming. The company also told gamers to promote this new niche.

The Facebook Company says:

Friday afternoon, 150 designers, artists, musicians and programmers came to Facebook/ Oculus HQ and learned a secret theme –“Repair” We’ve had 48 hours to form teams and make games on that theme, and now we’re excited to show the world that we’ve created. The website’s left sidebar on a desktop can access Facebook gaming easily. On mobile apps, Facebook gaming can also be accessed through the menu on the Facebook app. Many famous live streams pop up without delays like Grand Theft Auto V, Pokémon Go, and Apex Legends, etc.

Facebook gaming revenue will use by Gamer to make their whole living online.

In 2020, there are two things about live streaming everyone should understand about these two things. The first one is that live streaming is not about playing video games and appealing/inviting other friends or people to watch you as you do it. The second is that many people focus on live streaming even more than a hobby, it is a bona fide revenue stream.

There are some ways through which you can earn extra money by live streaming

Getting tips or donations from fans, if you attract the attention of viewers towards your live video streaming hobby and your video streaming is going in a good direction then the first tip or donation is a good one for you. Many websites or live streaming platforms allow the viewers to send you donations or tips and in this way earn extra money.

  • YouTube’s focal tipping/ award service is a fantastic plan. In your window channel’s chat, viewers can use tips to send messages.
  • Twitch also permits audiences to applaud using bits.
  • Facebook tipping service around stars is a type of effective viewers can purchase and send to you, providing you a cent per star.
  • Regularly payment by viewers on the streaming platform achieved on your best performance.
  • Third-party platforms also provide you regular payment or tips if you shift your program from one platform to another.
  • Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch offer ads and by these ads, you can earn money.
  • Brand deal and funding/ sponsorship provide ways to earn money.


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