Freelancing in the time of Coronavirus


Make Your Time Productive in Lockdown

Europe and other countries are highly affected by the pandemic called Coronavirus (COVID-19).  People are thinking about the support of freelancers, TV workers and movie makers in the USA, UK and other union states. People are worried that if this epidemic prolonged for more time then, they are at a risk of losing their jobs. China, the first country where this virus started its attack, is still in danger and not safe. Along with China, the whole world has been covered with feelings of grief and fear. Italy, USA, UK and Spain are highly affected in recent days as the number of patients are increasing day by day. Different measures have been taken by governments including social distancing and lock down.

People affected due to lockdown: Due to lockdown the number of people which are deprived of their jobs are converting from bad to worse. Thousands of workers are laid off in a state like Ireland and these numbers will be in lacs in bigger states. Industry workers, school teachers, restaurant staff, bar staff and many other organization employees are affected financially. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that this epidemic can prolong for months. So, precautionary measures should be used and employees should be paid accordingly so that they can meet their daily expenses.

Opportunity for people at home: Freelancing can have a take off in this crucial time of COVID-19. Freelancing can be a reason for a handsome livelihood for those who are deprived of their jobs and they are locked down at their houses all around the world.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is not a proper job where a person has to go to an office from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Rather freelancing means self-employment.  It is an international platform where people from all around the world are involved. Companies or organizations offer and publish various jobs or works on the site and people who have corresponding skills to offer their services as a freelancer. There are a number of fields, industries, organizations and professions present where freelancing can be done. Some of those are computer programming, writing, graphic designing, translating, web design, illustrating, music, acting, film and video production etc.

A man should take advantage of the situation and should find a new way to advance in life in these crucial times. Now when a person has enough time, he should spend his time constructively and should learn a new skill and feel himself better than before. By staying at home, one can earn a handsome livelihood by using their cell phones, laptops or computers as a freelancer. Procedure is so simple, have a new skill, signup on Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, GoLance or any other freelancing market place and go ahead with bidding on various available jobs.

It is obvious that talented and educated people are at their homes doing nothing and waste all of their time on social media using laptops, cell phones etc. They have a golden chance to learn new skills and have a job at their place. Different companies are hiring the people from remote areas who can do quality work being at their home. It is looking like freelancing work will flourish in the era of the Coronavirus epidemic.

How to be a Freelancer?

If anyone wants to be a freelancer then he has an open opportunity. Many sites and YouTube channels have proper guidelines and information regarding freelancing. You can have all the details about freelancing from those sites and can make money by being at your home enjoying your tea or coffee. Again, I will say rules are simple to be a freelancer, the things which are necessary for freelancing are as

  • Have a new skill
  • Have a laptop or computer
  • Have a good internet connection
  • Start bidding jobs on freelancing sites at home during quarantine

It is possible that if your work grows at the freelancing platform, you can say goodbye to your full time employment and can be a full time freelancer.

Finally, I want to say that we should follow the instructions given by the government. Stay home, Stay safe and make money.



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