More and more people are switching the 9-5 to start their own Freelancing hustles, and doing so can bring many benefits. Plus technology has made it easier than ever for people with a range of skills to become self-employed.

59 Million Americans are doing Freelancing

59 Million Americans are doing Freelancing – Generating $1.2 trillion in annual earnings

59 million Americans are doing freelancing, which is about 40% of the US workforce, tells an Upwork report. Many skilled freelancers are earning about $80,000 in annual income offering various skills. The job market has changed...
Free Courses

Free Courses! You DON’T need to join any paid course!

This post is for all those who are interested in joining paid courses but can't afford it. Honestly, You DON'T need to join any paid course! If you follow these free courses and start...

The Amazing Benefits of Work From Home

Working from home can be more productive and beneficial than you ever had thought. People are distributed in this regard in two categories; one thinks office working i.e. form 9:00 am to 5:00 pm...

Freelancing in the time of Coronavirus

Make Your Time Productive in Lockdown Europe and other countries are highly affected by the pandemic called Coronavirus (COVID-19).  People are thinking about the support of freelancers, TV workers and movie makers in the USA,...