6 Proven Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

6 Proven Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

Good communication is essential for a successful life. If you look at the life of every successful leader, the most common success factor is effective communication skills. If you want to become successful in life, you need to learn the art of speaking. Good communication skills are key if you want to be successful in the workplace, emotionally resilient, or become a successful entrepreneur.

As we know, communication is key but there is no single way to improve communication skills. The methodology you are going to pick will help you in achieving your target.

We started to worry a lot because we could not communicate and explain the problems. In short, this soft skill is a prerequisite for success in all areas of life. So, learn effectively definition of how to improve communication skills with different communication strategies.

If you concentrate on practicing, these 6 proven method can improve your communication skills.

1. Focus on non-verbal communication

Improving the ability to understand others and use non-verbal signals will help you connect with others, express your ideas, cope with difficult situations, and build better relationships at home and at work. Non-verbal communication or body language largely depends on your communication success.

The 7% Rule is the remarkable non-verbal communication principle that emphasizes the importance of effective tone and body language. If you can master the spoken language skills and help you speak with a moderately animated body language, the chances of getting attention as a speaker are 93%. Use a moderately animated body language, so you won’t look smaller than before and won’t be lazy or cross your arms.

2. Visuals should be of less importance

Research shows that although modern TED conversations have been used visually for 18 minutes, the use of visuals should be avoided. That’s why Steve Jobs banned the PowerPoint presentation in Apple, and Sheryl Sandberg went on the trail regarding Facebook. The reason to avoid using PowerPoint visual effects is that it interferes with communication.

3. Feedback makes you better

Positive feedback from people lets your confidence boost and negative feedback from people lets you improve. If you do not want sincere feedback from those around you, you cannot improve communication.

Way to improve communication skills

  • Take your smartphone
  • Record a three-minute video

Then not only evaluate your speech yourself but also get honest opinions from people around you. People are your best critics and their feedback can help you improve their speech, word choice, tone of tone, and most importantly, your body language.

4. Listen with empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings, thoughts and beliefs of others. That’s why organizations start developing empathy in the workplace. Emotional acceptance, closely related to empathy, means that once we understand and understand someone else’s feelings, we can accept why someone feels or thinks their way, whether or not they agree. Instead of fixing and solving problems, try to see things from the perspective of others by accepting the voices of others.

5. Involve people by asking their opinion

No matter how good you are as a speaker, people have a little duration of attention. For this reason, you should have noticed that short videos on social networks are more attractive than long ones. People want participate to know methods of communication. An effective way is to bring them to the discussion by asking their opinion. You feel privileged to be involved, and it helps you become a communicator.

6. Have a good sense of humor

One of the hallmarks of good speakers is that they have mastered the art of time i.e when to speak and what to speak. They joked during the performance to attract the attention of the audience. This is an ideal way to attract an audience because when people laugh, next time they will be curious and they will pay attention to your speech.


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